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Religious Buildings


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Mostly Christian churches, exterior views.


Bulk c. 1905 - 1925


Jersey City, NJ

Collection Items

Zion's German Evangelical Lutheran Church, Greenville, Jersey City
Imposing stone church with stained class windows and tall spire

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Jersey City, NJ
Stone church with tower, some kind of screening in front

West Side M. E. Church, Jersey City, NJ
Sketch-like picture of large-spired church next to frame house

Wayne Street Reformed Church, Jersey City, NJ
Two pictures: one of pastor and theother of church interior with pews and organ pipes

Waverly Congregational Church, Booraem Ave., Jersey City, NJ
Side view of one story church with cupola

Waverly Congregational Church
One story church with cupola

Tent Location, Corner of South Street and Hancock Avenue, Jersey City, NJ
Interior of tent, rows of wooden chairs, piano in front

St. Peter's R. C. Church and College
Red church on corner, gray guilding behind

St. Peter's Church and College, Jersey City, NJ
View from across street of church, trolley going by

St. Peter's Church, Jersey City, NJ
Front view of church, triple doorway, people in front

St. Peter's Church, Jersey City, NJ
Corner view of red church, people in front

St. Peter's Church, Jersey City, NJ
Front view of church's main entrance from across the street

St. Paul's R. C. Church, Greenville, Jersey City, NJ
Red spired church behind leafy trees

St. Paul of the Cross, Jersey City Heights
Children playing in front of church, with tower and stained class windows

St. Patrick's R. C. Church, Jersey City, NJ
View of side of church, eight windows on bottom, 10 on top
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