Elevated Roads and Bridges


Elevated Roads and Bridges


Transit infrastructure


Views of bridges and elevated roads and their surroundings.


bulk c. 1905-1925

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West Jersey Bridge, New York City [proposed - never built]
Suspension bridge over the Hudson river - proposed by Lindenthal for crossing at later location of Lincoln Tunnel - never built

Approach to George Washington Bridge from Jersey City, N. J  [SIC - city incorrect (Fort Lee)]
Autos on double-laned roadway leading to bridge, green lawns and houses on either side - Fort Lee incorrectly identified as Jersey City

George Washington Bridge Entrance and Toll Booths in N. J.
Autos entering toll booths, bridge in distance

Jersey City Wagon Elevator, Jersey City, N. J.
Steps and tracks going up the hill

Trestle Work, Jersey City, N. J.
Trolley trestle over houses and roadway

Pulaski Skyway between Jersey City and Newark, N. J.
Wide road, Hotel Astor sign in foreground, bridge in the distance

Passaic River Bridge underpassing the Pulaski Skyway, New Jersey Turnspike
Appears to be misidentified - view is of Pulaksi Skyway entering Kearny.

Trestle, Wagon Elevator and Mountain House, Jersey City, N. J.
Mules or horses under tressel; steps and track going up hill

"L" Trestle to Hoboken, Jersey City Heights, N. J.
Trolley coming toward viewer on trestle

View of L. road, Wagon elevator and Pohlman's Hall, Jersey City Heights, N. J.
Criss-crossing tracks, one trolley partially in view. Pohlman's Hall was at 154 Ogden Ave.

Jersey City Heights, NJ.: View north of "L" road-Trestle
Factories and railroad below Heights
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