Jersey City Public School Buildings


Street addresses approximate based on historic maps


Bulk c. 1905 - 1925


Jersey City, NJ

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Board of Education bldg., Jersey City, NJ
Three story building on rise, with steps leading up and leafy tree in front

A. Harry Moore School, Jersey City, NJ
Front view of exterior, cars in front. A. Harry Moore opened in 1931 and was designed by John T. Rowland.

A. Harry Moore School for Crippled Children, Jersey City, NJ
View from across the street of art deco four story building

Lincoln High School, Jersey City, NJ
Exterior view, people, cars, in front suggest 1920s. Lincoln High School was dedicated 1917.

Dickinson High School, Jersey City, NJ
Block long Beaux Arts building, colonnaded front, lawns and flowers in front

Jersey City High School, Jersey City, NJ
Oiriginal building with lawns and people walking around

High School, Jersey City, NJ
Enlarged (post 1911) building with lawns and tennis courts

High School, Jersey City Heights, NJ
Horse and buggy in front of grand entrance to school, two people on steps

High School, Jersey City, NJ
Exterior view from Newark Ave., people, car, cobblestone road suggest 1920s-30s. Renamed Dickinson around 1913.

High School, Jersey City, NJ
Corner elevated view of square building in neo classic style

Wm. L. Dickinson High School, Jersey City, NJ
Two women walking on sidewalk in front of school, many 20's era autos in front,

The Highschool, Palisade and Newark Aves, Jersey City
Original square building, stories trimmed with glitter

Public School No. 34, Jersey City, NJ
Corner view of four story building with hedges in front, single man standing

Public School No. 31, Jersey City Heights, NJ
View from across street of three story brick building with arched doorway

Public School No. 30, Greenville, Jersey City, NJ
Two story building on light rise, steps leading up
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